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Medium : Acrylic on canvas
Dimension : 48" x 36"
Embrace life, embrace challenges, rise up and the world will be at your feet. The supreme act of lifting oneself above the forces releases enough power to break through all barriers

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	 								If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water'…     I have tried to capture a little bit of this magic in my paintings. Whether it is  harmony, peace, joy, anger, strength, turbulence, tranquility or any of the myriad emotions that define our existence-- water remains an all-encompassing force that can reflect each of these emotions beautifully. It could be a fleeting moment of beauty or a soothing melody or a rhythmic dance that captivates us and gives us a chance to experience this magic. Water, through its dynamism and resilience, also gives us precious life-lessons that can ...
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