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Medium : Mixed Media On Canvas
Dimension : 54 X 24 inches (3 canvases)
MIXED MEDIA ON CANVAS ( 3 CANVAS SET) What is abstract?”, is a question that arises and triggers the human mind to the point of becoming curious to know the possibilities of abstraction , but generally speaking it is referred to a technique which breaks the law of realism and gives the freedom to the artist to describe his work with little or no resemblance to any person, object or in relation to any scene in the natural world. Colour can influence our emotions, our actions and how we respond to various people, things and ideas. In my abstract paintings, I am not trying to depict any symbols or signs rather I have used different colour combinations to express complexity of feelings in a similar manner as various moods are expressed by different genre of music . Figurative art has always been a speech people being comfortable with whereas in Abstract art one has to hold his speech with conviction based conceptual analysis and experimentation. We all know that abstract takes a step beyond the reality and extracting from it the parent lines, one develops their own language to explain (even to themselves) this reality of all.

Country of Origin - India

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	 								Medium of my works include Acrylic on canvas my preference of subject is abstract and figurative in particular as it is a special area for me, but also because it allows me to compliment my previous education during my animation days. I have never restricted myself to the depth of art and love experimenting with different techniques  keeping in mind my preferences of subjects. I depict my emotions through the colors, figurative interpretation and strokes that appear on my canvas. 

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