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Medium : Mixed Media On Canvas
Dimension : 36 X 60 Inches
Mixed Media On Canvas I work with mixed media on canvas I prefer black & white because of its shades of grey and highlights of white .Black and its opposite white represent polarities, black absorbs all aspect of light while white reveals, black conceals. My attempt is to lay visible through brush strokes, my inner world which lies between various dualities. In a community where gender equality is still a concern, in many parts of the world women are still struggling for equal rights. My works are inspired by 'women' I see them as beautiful subjects and support that they should be treated equally. I draw my deepest inspiration from my particular context of having spent the better part of my life in India where gross inequalities are part of everyday living. In my works the figure of the ‘Woman’ stands out. The background is abstract or semi abstract describing the chaos around the women and the society they inhabit. A certain order of working is central to my practice; I prefer making the ‘female form’ indoor as I feel more focused & calm and the background I develop outdoors where I lay the canvas on floor and then work my way around the canvas in an open space as that gives me a broader aspect of the area I cover and the freedom to throw paint. For the background I use wooden sticks whereas for the figure I work with gentle brush strokes . This method for me is symptomatic of the larger reality that I am part of representing two sides of life the hard exterior context of a society and the softness of a human soul.

Country of Origin - India

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	 								Medium of my works include Acrylic on canvas my preference of subject is abstract and figurative in particular as it is a special area for me, but also because it allows me to compliment my previous education during my animation days. I have never restricted myself to the depth of art and love experimenting with different techniques  keeping in mind my preferences of subjects. I depict my emotions through the colors, figurative interpretation and strokes that appear on my canvas. 

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