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Nature is the best Teacher $492.31 $477.54 SHIPPING & HANDLING: $53.85 DISCOUNT: 3% TIME TO DISPATCH: 6-8days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 1 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier





Material : Acrylic on Board
Dimension : 5 X 7 X 1 INCHES
Nature is a great teacher. No wonder our ancestors used to look up to nature to understand about life itself. Our ancient scriptures are filled with hymns devoted to nature, as we treated nature as God in many instances. The Sun, Moon, Trees, Rivers, etc, all were treated as Divine creatures.

Country of Origin - India

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	 								Aditya Dev paintings starts with conscious steps to look at himself and his surroundings from secret vantage positions but gradually, he flows only to discover that he is actually floating. It is this freedom that catches sensitivity of his heart. Here the choice of colors takes a turn from spiritually yellow and vibrant red to hazy blue and transparent brown. The textures take on gentler tone as they meld seamlessly to create images that are sparkly sensual and passionate as well.

Aditya as an artist knows the depth of feelings, the process, where he goes below the earth which is eithe... Read More
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