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Medium : pen on paper
Size : 12"X15"
The world in which we live is the material realistic world where our dreams, desire and wishes all becomes immaterial in the absence of that material. The material that gives reality to our desire and without that everything is in vain . When I look around I have seen that every person whether he/she is a poor child or a royal prince everyone is desiring something. Sometimes that something is abstract but sometime it's clear . That something is a never ending race if I achieve one of my wish I started chasing another one. My mind replicate that something into some forms which are chooses from the currency notes. As this currency is the biggest material for this realistic world Artwork is unframed

Country of Origin - India

ABOUT Ritu Lahoti

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	 								Ritu's artwork takes a critical view on contemporary life of a humanbeing. She explores the concept of day dreaming. The Dreams in her paintings are the materialistic dreams through which she develop theconcept behind dreams. 

She use to correlate dreams with money because not all but almost all dreams are directly related to money.

Her works reproduces the signs and forms which we have seen on the currency notes. She makes paintings with a conceptual approach by which she trying to develop forms that follow not only logical criteria but also based on subjective associations and... Read More