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An attempt to contour the organic-IV(b) 14,500.00 PRODUCT CODE: Organic - II. SHIPPING & HANDLING: 0.00 DISCOUNT: 0.00 TIME TO DISPATCH: 0-2days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 1 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier





Sukriti Datt An attempt to contour the organic-IV(b) Pen and ink, glass, birch tree bark, acrylic on canvas board 24 x 24 in. 2017 About the work - The work depicts an Ariel view of a high altitude region in the form of contour lines. The use of wood enhances texture and the lines are in gradual rhythm and movement to lend the eye the course of movement of the work. Personally, the robust nature of mountains have always fascinated me and along with travel the form has inspired me to add warmth and personality to the structure in my own unique way. Please note that the wood used is treated and varnished therefore no weather damage will be caused. The wood is of bhojpatra tree or birch tree which I had got from Kashmir in 2013 and have since then treated and observed it's behaviour with the weather and other environmental factors. The transparent base of the work is acrylic sheet on which the small canvas boards have been pasted with an industrial strength adhesive but a framer can pop them out if someone wishes to change the frame. The frame is of wood hence the colour can be changed easily according to one's wish.

Country of Origin - India

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	 								My mind is my warehouse, where with the interaction with external stimulants I create what is best known to me. My work is a process which is organic and fluid in nature, where travel, reading and exposure to various cultures influence my work, therefore I believe my work is dynamic which is subject to change just the way our true, natural being is!
As an artist, personally, I have never run behind style or language and have let my personality and my work follow its natural course since sooner or later everything  develops and matures in a hospitable and positive environment to achieve its fu...
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