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Medium - Acrylic on Canvas Size - 3 x 3 feet I executed the blue sky in place of the form of black galaxy from atomic energy to the struggle of gases in atmosphere because of the unnecessary pollution created by factories My observation is that in the coming time,there's a possibility when the earth will be covered with pollution and no one could breathe.

Country of Origin - India

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	 								My paintings execute from the birth of earth to the development and evolution of whole stone age and invention. The style and form is like when pictures were drawn by homo sapiens on stones from their daily routine to their thoughts about their weapons in future, are also made by me on canvas with stone like effect.
I tried to make these stone age pictures connecting with the present human and their daily lifestyle equivalent to stone age pictures. Just  trying that how  these present conditions or what the situations will make if we  go back to stone age with the present audience. 

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