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Shiva Shakti by Sandeep Rawal 71,400.00 SHIPPING & HANDLING: 0.00 DISCOUNT: 0.00 TIME TO DISPATCH: 6-8days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 1 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier





Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension : 30 x 42 inches
In the Tantric cosmology, the whole universe is perceived as being created, penetrated and sustained by two fundamental forces, which are permanently in a perfect, indestructible union. These forces or universal aspects are called Shiva and Shakti. The tradition has associated to these principles a form, respectively that of a masculine deity and that of a feminine one. Accordingly, Shiva represents the constitutive elements of the universe, while Shakti is the dynamic potency, which makes these elements come to life and act.

Country of Origin - India

ABOUT Sandeep Rawal

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  I believe that colors play a lot of beautiful symphony in everyone's life. When I meditate, my mind is full of colors and I see the whole universe beautified with colors. The galaxies gives the smoky effect, having white, gray, and black in it. The flock of clouds soothes the eye, the brightness of sun flows down the positive energy to the whole universe and blesses with its natural ABSTRACT. Nature is our best teacher. The huge mountains, the rock, the rivers. These motivate me to play with colors with joy and do the Abstract on my canvas.
It has been proven that ...
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