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Medium - Acrylic on Canvas

Size - 18 x 18 inch

Buddhism is one of the oldest religions still being practiced in the world today. While the names of many other religions which existed in India have been forgotten today, the teachings of the Buddha, (better known as the Dharma) are still relevant to the needs of today’s society. This is because the Buddha has always considered himself as human religious teacher whose message was meant to promote peace, happiness and well-being of other human beings. The Buddha primary concern was to help his followers to live a normal life without either going to the extremes of self-denial or totally surrendering to sensual desires.

Country of Origin - India

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	 								The best example of how the gentle message of the Compassionate One could rehabilitate the most savage of men is the case of the Emperor Asoka. About two hundred years after the Buddha, this king waged fierce battles across India and caused great anguish and fear. But when he absorbed the Dhamma, he
regretted the evil that he had done. We remember and honor him today because after his conversion to the path of peace, he
embarked on another battle: a battle to bring peace to mankind. He proved without doubt that the Buddha was right when He asserted that true greatness springs from love, ... Read More
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