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Material : acrylic on canvas
Dimension : 30"x30"
The main aim of artistic creativity is to transform sorrow into beauty, truth and hope. I am finding solace in my paintings, the empty fields with lonely plough, isolated livestock, deserted playgrounds, vacant neighbourhood , void well sides, abandoned chowpaals , all yearning to get back to work. My paintings reflect the irony of the lockdown in my village , which apparently rebounds the present scenario of the world , the countries equally distressed and fighting together, a ‘global village’ in true sense. The simplification of form, use of gloomy and subdued splashes of colours, repetition of figures, distortion of perspective and anatomy, reduction of literal meaning to symbolic reality, the scrawls of markers and charcoal are the essentials of my work in these frozen and still days. At a first glance my paintings may look frivolous and child – like but hidden behind these innocent and light-hearted images are profound statements about harsh realities of today’s life. They are allusions to deeper issues of keeping patience in pain, not losing hope, and coping with grief in such chaotic and uncertain times.

Country of Origin - India

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	 								I wonder why we change when we grow and become a stranger to that little kid who screams, giggles and dreams so high. The child in you makes you honest, who is emotional, afraid of deceiving anyone, hurting anyone and still gives you space to enjoy life in this busy and mechanical world. So look for the child within your heart and for a while let it run free just like a butterfly running around without a care of the world. What I have experienced that nothing is more addictive than having a person become a child even for a second or get deep lost in his childhood. So start embracing your inner...
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